As pandemic restrictions begin to ease in some parts of the world we have begun the process of selecting venues and setting dates for our in-person events. However, due to the ongoing pandemic situation and rapidly changing travel restrictions, should changes be necessary to our event schedule we will announce them as soon as we can. 

Our 2022 in-person events

Working around a pandemic

Based upon the current pandemic situation we had to cancel our planned events for 2020.  Despite the unknown timeframes for travel and other restrictions to be lifted in different parts of the world we decided to proceed with scheduling our in-person events for 2021 and held successful and safe events in East Africa (Kenya) and West Africa (Ghana).  

Our events throughout 2022 will continue to be primarily "attendance in person" events as we firmly believe that producing events "in region" provide the much needed and valuable networking opportunities that can help deliver universal healthcare to the nations in most need.

Our event locations

Five venues serving the developing world

Please be aware that somevenues and dates may be subject to possible change subject to prevailing restrictions on travel.


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