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About the International Health Insurance Forum

The Forum is a brand of The Consilient Consultancy Limited, a company registered in Ireland, one of whose owners is an insurance and health system financing specialist with over 30 years' experience in the sector as an adviser and consultant to insurance companies and governments. His work today includes being the Head of Program Content for the IHIF series of events. The Forum consists of a growing series of events in several parts of the developing and developed world.

What is our event philosophy?

​We began our Health Insurance Forum series in 2018 to bring a fresh format to what we and others saw as a tired, repetitive format of health insurance events in some parts of the world with the same topics and the same speakers addressing dwindling audience numbers

We also noted that many speakers were telling audiences "what" they should be doing (frankly, "buy my services") but very few speakers were explaining the "how" to achieve success in a rapidly changing marketplace

Our series of events aims to do exactly that - to explain to our audience "how" they can tackle the challenges faced by all market participants and stakeholders involved in the use of health insurance as a healthcare system financing tool

Our events are "quality" not "quantity" affairs

A regional approach

We also noted that some regions of the world do not even have access to events dedicated to health insurance and its role as a health system financing tool in support of achieving universal healthcare.  We bring international speakers to regional markets, we invite speakers from within those regional markets who themselves have international experience and deliver a program with "themes" that are relevant to that particular region

This is why our events are at the same time both international and regional

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